The Twenty Foot Journey

As an end of the Journey trilogy, let me tell you about the trip from the Studio to the Costa. I am not kidding when I say the two are visible from each other, in deed should the weather ever improve I will take a picture to prove it. If you could cross the myriad of roads between the two without being killed, the trip would take 5 minutes.

Between us and it, when you get in the car, are five interconnected roundabouts with about a billion lanes leading into and out of each (ok, so maybe five). Worse, the exit for the Costa is almost a straight drive from the Studio, but the entrance is on the other side of the North Pole, or so it seems to me. If you follow the arrows on the road that state Costa (or the business park it is in) you just go round in a massive circle.

Do you remember that scene in National Lampoons European Vacation where Clark can’t off the roundabout? With a nervous producer as my passenger I slowly turned into Clark Griswold, my laugh turning from nervous to frustrated to manic with in the space of a few minutes. When I turned to her and introduced myself as a bastard Griswold son she laughed, and then she educated this poor Guernsey boy on the art of navigating interconnected traffic light bearing roundabouts – just indicate and go. I don’t recommend following this advice for legal reasons, but on a practical side it really did work.

Until the ducks, who were slowly waddling against traffic but following the lanes of the roundabout. I assumed they were French. They delayed my arrival at Costa for about twenty minutes. And I am sure they did it on purpose!

Thus concludes the Journey. Up next, The Show!

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