Day One

Let me try and recap, the best I can, the events of the first day after the Journey trilogy. Pulling up to the studio after the long trip was underwhelming. It is, after all, a large unadorned shed in a sea of large, unadorned sheds. After finding a place to park I was greeted by a very somber looking director, who uttered the following words.

“Hi, what the f@*k what have we let ourselves in for?”

Great first words of encouragement from the man who needs to turn my written words into a TV show. In my tired and travel weary state, these words turned my face to thunder. This is when the Costa trip happened. On my return, my mood settling nicely into dark, one of the other producers barred my entry into the meeting room and pulled me down onto the floor. Of the studio. To see the sets.

My reaction made her laugh. I squealed like a child, my eyes lit up and a smile filled my face. I had seen live stream video of them, but they are so much better in person. Sadly, I am not allowed to share pictures, but I can’t wait until I can! 

Mood lightened, I was escorted back into the meeting room, where I met the twenty(ish) people who will man the lights, microphones, cameras and make sure everyone is where they need to be over the next few weeks. Names and stories flowed, many of which I can’t remember! I blame my tiredness, not the fact I am useless at this kind of thing. It was quickly decided that rather then stay in the meeting room we should bond over a meal. A table was booked, a plan made.

I quickly drove to my lodgings, hencefore to be known as the Cupboard. I was not impressed, and am glad I will only be there to sleep. Showering is hard, due to my large frame and limited space, but I made it work.

The day ended after a lovely meal, more shared stories and a round of nick naming. I have, for now, been dubbed Laugh in a Hat. It was the most inoffensive of a very offensive bunch! After the meal we wandered around Cardiff for an hour or so, deciding that using maps wasn’t allowed and trusting in the power of random choice and the D20 to show us the sights.

Oh, and for about an hour there was no rain, which was nice ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I sit in the office located in a trailer just outside the set, five others cramped in with me, as we have our first break of the day waiting for the Cast to turn up for day two. Luckily someone else is doing the Costa run this morning ๐Ÿ™‚


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