Day 3 – The Good, The Bad…

I write this post on hour 13 (and a bit) of being here, and we are nowhere near finished. Well, some of us anyway!

The table reads started just after 8am this morning, and I must say they were a lot of fun. Booming voices, good chemistry and banter around the jokes makes me feel we may have something here. Some of the jokes will need to be reworked to suit the actors, but most seemed to land with the other crew in the room. If it had to be broadcast as a radio show, I now feel comfortable it would still work.

We were done with the reads by 2pm, at which time the actors broke for final fittings and makeup test runs. I was hoping for a break, but it was not to be. It was time to get down and technical with Tall Jackson, Short Round, Sound Guy and the other producers. Oh, and the director. Who was still not there.

By 3pm we got the news from legal – the director had been fired. The reasons are unknown, to me at least, though I suspect Grinning Kitten knows them only too well. So talk turned to finding a new director. With shooting due to start at 7am tomorrow, we had a very short timeline.

In fact, an impossible one. As I write this we are still looking for a new director (if you know one who happens to be free please let me know). We looked at if we could stall the shoots, but our timeline is already tight and we have no slippage at the end. All shots for a day must be got, or the project fails. I will not let this project fail.

So Grinning Kitten, Tall Jackson, Short Round and I spent 45 minutes in crisis mode. Tall Jackson and Short Round know what shots are needed, and they are confident that as long as GK and I can get the talent where they are needed when they are needed, looking how they need to look, that we can get the job done.

With that decision made we head to the floor and call everybody in. I explain what has happened and what the plan is for the next two days. Luckily, no one walks out. I take credit for that, it was one hell of a Braveheart / Winston Churchill mix of a speech I gave 🙂

It does mean a lot of us are taking on a lot more than we should, including the actors and crew. Will it work, or will tomorrow be a disaster? I will worry about when I am finished with today. I am hopeful we will have a new director sorted by then, and know when they should arrive so we can plan accordingly.

A huge thank you to everybody involved. They are all pulling together in a way I had not expected, and it makes me happy. Of course, I have now been named problem solver, and with that in mind I am so glad I packed my D20!

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