Day 4 – How is it only Day 4?

And I don’t mean that in a bad way! I am just amazed I am only four days in, as it feels like I have been doing this for a lot longer!

Today kicked off the actual filming! We have no director so Grinning Kitten and I took over that role. We could not have done it without the expert help of the rest of the crew. Tall Jackson and Short Round could do their jobs standing on their heads, and rather then getting annoyed with my constant barrage of questions they took the time to let me know what they were doing and why it needed to be done. A great learning curve.

The head of dressing up (he will kill me for calling it that) has taken the self fashioned name of Magpie. None of us are willing to fight him over it. He is amazing, not only at his chosen profession but he is a wizard at getting any actor in and out of costume / makeup in a stupidly quick way. He takes no s@#t from no body, and that has been a huge help! A massive thank you to him and his team.

The other producers did a grand job of filling the hole left by Grinning Kitten. Really, I did leave a large gap (skill wise, obviously physically I did), but she did. Grand job guys!

And lastly the actors. You could have ground this whole thing to a halt by demanding to not work until you are being directed by a pair of competent hands. Instead you listened to us, took orders when needed and gave advice when asked for. When we were clearly doing something wrong you stood up and said so, and you made sure we avoided a number of simple mistakes!

This has got a bit gushing, and I do not apologise for that. There was a chance yesterday that this whole thing was going to fall apart, and I am so glad it is not. I know (we all know) we are not out of the woods yet. The Suits are not happy we have no director, some of the guest stars are being awkward about it, and there is possibly some kind of union problem we may be running into. But those are worries for another day.

Today was a good day. Every shot we needed we got, and initial views look good. Not only that but we got those shots, by and large, on the first attempt. That means we get to finish at a reasonable time so we can turn up and do the same again tomorrow. I should also hear about the new director tomorrow.

So although the guillotine hangs above our necks, right now the rope is being held tight. Let us hope tomorrow is not the day that it drops.

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