Day 5 and 6 – There and Back Again

The last two days have been a mess of highs and lows. Day five started well. Cast and Crew worked together to get the shots we needed without a director keeping everything together. The atmosphere was good and jovial. It was a nice but hectic start.

Around lunchtime the day started to turn sour. Due to certain people no longer involved with the project and threats of a certain legal persuasion, the powers that be were getting uneasy. Given the small nature of the project, the uncertainty surrounding its success (both short and long term) and there being no director at the helm, it was looking likely that the project could be pulled.

I am not one given to spouts of despair, but this news got me close. We were told the decision would be made at a meeting in Manchester during the morning of day 6. So i decided we could all just sit around and see what fate was handed to us, or I could drive up to Manchester and get myself invited to that meeting.

Leaving Grinning Kitten behind to keep the filming on schedule, I did a late night drive up to Manchester, finding the place I needed to be a good two hours before I was allowed to park my car there. It is surprisingly easy to waste two hours driving around Manchester.

We are now on Day 6, and at 730am I find myself talking my way through many layers of receptions, security and managers to get access to the meeting that will decide my fate. I do not have a silver tongue, but I do have what some call ‘persistence’. The trick seems to be talking at someone until they let you in. I am glad to say at no time did I need to cry, but that was my ace in the hole.

By 8am I was in a large room, more akin to a court room than a meeting room. In many ways I felt like Zod standing before the Council of Elders in Superman II, just waiting to be thrown into the phantom zone.

After talking a lot I was escorted to a small waiting room. Here I could sit and worry, or I could put on my headphones and quietly sing and dance to myself. For those interested, it was this song playing when I was summoned back to face my fate.

And yes – it is very possible by this time I was standing and dancing, much to the amusement of the gathered waiting.

The news was in – we could continue! A decision made, I am sure, just to make sure I would leave. But whatever the case, I did it. They had also assigned a new director, who I had to drive down to Cardiff.

The drive down was a lot of fun, the director recognising my laugh from one of the podcasts I do. Small world I guess!

On my arrival back to the Studio I was greeted with hearty cheers from the cast and crew. I did not know how to react, so I just kind of left and headed to the office to write this.

Day 7 should see the new director in place, filming getting back on track and the arrival of the first ‘name’ starring in the production. I am hoping I can head off and get some sleep, so I can have the energy needed for what should be a very good day 🙂

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