Day 7 – The Lift

Today (so far) has been a very good day! It started with reviewing the footage from Saturday, Sunday and Monday with the new director (name incoming!) to see what she is happy with and what we need to re-shoot. Luckily, she was happy with our efforts so we can carry on with the existing schedule.

This is just as well as today the first guest star arrived, and we have him for a little over 48 hours. I was volunteered to go and get him from the airport. I am sure my car is not up to his normal standards, but I did what I could by making sure the back seat was clear of debris.

From the awkward holding the sign at the airport, to his initial reaction to the ‘ride’ and his decision to sit in the passenger seat, my impressions of him were vastly different to what I expected.

As we drove we talked about the project, him asking me where the idea came from, what his character was like etc etc. In the background my music was still playing. When RESPECT came on, he started to sing along quietly to himself. When he urged me to join in I did.

He then asked me what my musical taste was, to which I replied pretty bad. He then grabbed my iPod and started to have a browse through. He found a few songs he recognised but some he did not. A memory I will forever hold is him listening to She Has A Girlfriend Now by Reel Big Fish with a grin on his face, followed by three repeat listening, the last of which was worthy of carpool karaoke. No, it was better 🙂

We arrived at the studio where he settled into his trailer (so much bigger than anything anyone else!) A few minutes later and he was on set ready to rehearse. It was good, but the other actors went a little timid. The director soon sorted that (glad to have her here!) and the third rehearsal was brilliant.

We are now broken up for lunch with everyone due back on set, in full costume, by 2pm. Grinning Kitten, New Director and I sit in out little office geeking out about the star, knowing we need to get it out of our systems before we continue!

Looking forward to the rest of the day!

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