Day 7 – Part Two

So the morning was a fantastic experience, could the afternoon hold up? I am glad to say it could!

We have five shots to get. One on the Dining Room set, one in the Headmasters Office and three in the Class Room.

We did the Dining Room shot first as that set was all setup for recording (lights, camera, ready for action!) Everybody played their parts well, with the Guest Star #1 really over egging their performance, so much so cast and crew laughed a tad too early a few times! We did finally get the shot, but there was a lot of held in laughter from the crew and some clever pans away from various cast as they tried to stifle their laughter!

We then moved to the Headmasters Office, which again was almost ready to go. A few changes to the lights and one emergency camera replacement later and we were ready to go. This was a very hard scene for me, as GS1 is meant to be talking to the headmaster, who is not yet on location. So we were recording GS1’s side of the conversation only. The trickery and magic of editing will make it look fine I am sure, but from my perspective I was listening to a man having a very stilted one way conversation.

We then had to get the Class Room shots. We had to take a long break here as this particular set had yet to be set up and tested. The director, Tall Jackson and Short Round worked their magic as the rest of the cast and crew sat on the floor in the Dining Room set happily sharing a Chinese while GS1 entertained us with showbiz stories!

Set finished the cast were redressed and we started on the funniest material to be shot so far. The Class Room and the Sports Hall are where the majority of the show take place, and this is where the rapid fire one liners come in. It was great to watch, but at times I was wincing at my own jokes. I do hope someone else finds them funny. At least there was laughter from the cast and crew again, so I take that as a good sign.

Filming wrapped at about 11pm, with the majority of the cast and crew leaving soon after. Grinning Kitten, the director and I stayed behind to go through the schedule for Day 8 as well as reviewing the footage we shot today. Happy to say no re-shoots have been ordered and that my two companions were chuckling as we watched.

All in all a very good day! Tomorrow is our last day with GS1, and we have a lot of footage to get. I am sure we can do it 🙂


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