Day 8 – Where we Lost a Week

Disclaimer – Legal have asked me to include a disclaimer at the start of every post. As I said in an earlier post this blog is entirely fictional – with even those facts based on real events entirely coincidental. Even though I am helping make a TV show the events below have nothing to do with that 😉

Day 8 started well, with me getting my hands dirty in the morning ‘helping’ setup up the lights and cameras. It was an education and a lot of fun. I thank the crew for putting up with my ineptitude and almost constant questions!

We then moved to filming, GS1 still here and doing his stuff well. We have now shot footage in all sets, much to the dismay of the crew who keep on needing to rest the different stages. But to get the shots we need with GS1 we needed to do it.

Then word came down that the studio we are using needs to be clear by Saturday 4 March. This is a week before we had scheduled, and two weeks before the ‘get out’ date we were given before. It was not the best news.

What followed was a series of meetings in between shots, as well as phone calls to the bigger name stars to let them know the shooting schedules will be changing to make sure we can get the shots we need. Luckily everybody was very supportive and accommodating, so it looks like everything can be done in the shorter time frame. However, if the powers that be above me could stop throwing these hurdles in my way, I would appreciate it.

Legal have decided to become even more strict with what can be let out to the public. The reason? The Old Director may still try and make a legal claim, so legal are in over protective mode. So much so they question this blog. They review all posts before I can publish, but they would rather I not do it. You can see how well I listened to that!

The day was largely full of filming, and for once it was uneventful. However, when it came to making the evening meal everyone (about 50 people) decided they fancied steak. Out in the courtyard, and with the help of the handyman, we made a huge ‘skillet’ and started a nice large fire. While the steaks were sizzling away the fire alarms for the whole studio started going off. We didn’t think it was us, but it was. The whole place had to be evacuated for about an hour, but luckily we saved the steaks and had our meal out in the car park!

We took a break from 8pm to review footage and see if we needed any last minute shots with GS1. Turns out we did, and bless him for staying on beyond his hours to get them done. By 2am we were done. There was a subdued goodbye (everybody running on fumes) and I drove GS1 back to his hotel. We had a good chat on the way, and both agreed the next time we met it would involve whiskey! Many thanks GS1, you have added a lot to the production and I hope we will work together again, though I doubt your idea is anything I could help with 😛

The last two days with GS1 have been a lot of fun. GS2 should be here on Monday. Right now we are seeing what we need to do to hit our new deadline, and if I will be allowed the weekend off to head to Midlands Comicon! Time will tell!

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