Day 9 – Normalcy?

Day 9 was the first day that seemed to run according to plan. The cast and crew are getting along famously, the New Director is running things with a steady hand, and Grinning Kitten has the rest well under control. So what am I here for?

Yesterday was busy. I received an update on the legal status re Old Director and confirmed with various agents that all of the other GS (as well as the two regular stars) were happy with the new filming schedule. I know I did this yesterday, but I have found in this world double checking is well worth the effort. Luckily everyone is on board, as assuming we or they are not hit with travel stopping snow, everything is looking dandy!

Filming today was normal cast only, and finally they are starting to click. The tension is starting to fade (for the most part) and they are starting to play off each other. Certain lines are now being riffed by the cast, which for the most part I am not a fan of, but it helps fill out the outtakes reel!

The timing between two of the cast is now remarkable. Some real stand out performances from those two which was so good to see.

It was a long day of filming (we knocked off at 1am) but we got a lot done. We are not recording in episode order, as certain cast are not here for the whole time. However, we now have roughly a script and half ‘in the can’, which means we are in front of even the revised schedule. We are all happy about this.

The only other thing to report is the meal the New Director prepared for us. After I lovingly cooked over 50 steaks yesterday, I was expecting something good. ND rolled in a cart with nothing but Pot Noodles on it. And even worse there was no hot water in them and no kettle on the boil. How cheap and lazy can you get?

Oh, and for those interested the laundry was dry when I got back to the Cupboard, apart from where the duct tape was holding the laundry onto my line. I should have expected that I suppose.

On Day 10 we are trying to capture the CSI / NCSI inspired shots. That should be a fun day!

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