Day 10 – Stylish Putting On Of Sunglasses

Today was a fun day. The idea was for the cast to channel their inner CSI and NCIS, and my goodness did they rise to the challenge!

I think we all just enjoyed the silliness of the day. Where every other day we have been trying so hard to keep the ham in the can (not the film can, the can where no body will see it!), today was all about letting out the inner ham. I think we all needed it.

Better was the fact every single member of the cast had one shot where they looked to camera, whipped on a pair of sunglasses (which in no way do we explain where they came from and they are not wearing in the next shot) and had to deliver a terrible pun! The Crew also got in on this while resetting shots, and my god did the puns just get worse and worse!


The crew loved the day as well, with many fancy shots being pulled together of people really doing nothing, but somehow it looks like it is moving the plot along!

Even better, we managed to finish early enough that we could all head out for a meal and a drink. We would have stayed out longer, but we were all so tired we just decided to call it a night!

Besides, I will be driving to Comic Con tomorrow. Well, by the time this goes up I will probably have been and gone, but that is due to when I will next have internet!

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