Day 11 – Where I Hit The Midlands Comic Con

This post has nothing to do with the TV show, so if that’s all you care about, you can stop reading now!

Today was my first day off since getting here, and being able to take it was a fight. Still, I was allowed the day off and headed to the Midlands Comic Con! The drive was interesting one, going from sleet in Cardiff to actual snow towards the Midlands. When the snow hit it did slow the drive, adding about an hour. But all told it wasn’t bad!

The Con itself was held in Telford, a place I had never heard of before, at the Telford International Centre. Getting parked was easy enough, and getting in a surprising breeze. It seems to me that maybe the Midlands Comic Con is not exactly a bustling event.

Walking inside was a little strange. People were milling around in various costumes, a heady mix of comics, sci-fi, wrestling, gaming, steam punk and furries. Some of the costumes were amazing, some little more than adding some fake ears to what looked like a fairly normal ensemble.

The next thing you see is just the ridiculous amount of stalls trying to sell you stuff. In fact, the entire hall was just people trying to sell you stuff. Due to the number of stalls most of the items for sale were repeated. At least there were a few tables with comics on them, but laughably few for a comic book convention.

I think the best way to describe it is an intergalatic, pan dimensional car boot sale, but where all the sellers are sadly from Earth and the buyers from frak knows where.

People in costumes are more than happy to be asked for a photo, which was nice to see. However, the habit of them stopping in the middle of the walkways to pose for a photo is more than slightly annoying, but a good price to pay for the friendly atmosphere that permeates through the hall.

Top costume award goes to the guy I mistakenly thought was dressed up like Hans Gruber, but it turns out that was just his look! What a faux pas that was.

I only went to one q and a in the theatre, and that was for Chris Barrie. It was a little awkward to be honest. The venue was light on audience and the questions not enough to get Chris going. The microphone guy had to ask a few questions to fill in the gaps. It was a shame, but it was still enjoyable!

Oh, and another thing. To people who buy cosplay swords and strap them to their backs, please remember you have them and are aware of the space they take. A foam sword to the eye could still be a painful experience.

All in all it was a fun day. Would I go again? Honestly I think I would want to go to a bigger one next time. But I also wonder if my geekiness is now more towards the computer game genre and if I should hit a computer game convention next time? Whatever the case I look forward to my next one. And who knows, maybe one day I will make it onto a panel…

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