Day 12 -Explosive Posing

Today may have been one of the funnest days of the production, at least for me. Excitement is in the air for the arrival of GS2 tomorrow, we finally have the special effects team on set, and the crew started practising for their magic shots.

The day started with the arrival of the special effects team. We have a few shots that involve pyrotechnics and these are the guys who can set that up. However, having explosives on set does mean the health and safety adviser is having a bit of melt down! I don’t blame them really.

Of course it does mean they are missing out on the fun. While I sit and watch the test explosions with child like glee and many oohhhs and ahhhs escaping from my lips, the health and safety adviser sucks air in their teeth and writes down frantically on a clipboard.

The special effects team are as mental as I had hoped. They have many tales of near misses, bad timing, misfires and losses of entire stages due to a badly contained set piece. However they have never cause injury or loss of life, so that gets a big A plus from me.

The second part of the day was magic stance training. I have never watched something in my life that has made me laugh so much. This was to the annoyance of the cast, crew and the person training them.

The issue is I am sure that, with special effects in place, these poses look impressive. But with nothing there it is just people posing like models, albeit badly. Anyone else remember Blue Steel? It was like watching that again and again and again.


My unsolicited laughter lead to just a disagreement that it ended in a cast and crew pose of. Even though they won’t admit it, I am pretty sure I won. Petty jealousies in a posing setting, must be like working in the modelling industry. When the Uncle Buck Fashion Range comes out, the world will be my oyster!

Luckily it will be another early night, as we have GS2 for two and a half days and we need to get a lot of shots done! The next three days are looking to be manic, but that is where we thrive!

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