Day 13 – A Tale of Explosions and Class

Arriving at the studio today was eerie. The majority of the cast have the day off, as we are picking up specialised shots that don’t involve them. This also meant the majority of the crew were out as well. When I arrive there are normally at least ten people already hard at work. Today I was the first, and walking onto the empty sets, with no lights going, was creepy.

The big thing about today was the arrival of Guest Star #2. They arrived early and waltzed in with the practice ease of someone who has done this before. They could add class to anywhere they went, and I am so pleased we managed to get them.

They are here for 2 and a half days, and we have some tricky shots to get with them. Most of today’s shots involve pyrotechnics in someway or another. Some of these are large explosions, some small. Even so it takes about three hours to get a thirty second shot. There is a lot of waiting around today.

At first I thought this would get boring, but GS2 would have none it. Full of exciting tales of the craft, of life and of showbiz gossip, whenever we were sat around waiting he filled the time with a story or two. They may not all have been funny, but they were entertaining!

I had lunch with GS2, New Director and Grinning Kitten. It was a very fun affair. More stories from GS2 and just some nice relaxed chat. It turned to me at one point (something I do not like discussing) but they got quite a lot of out of me! None of which I will repeat here!

After lunch was more of the same as before. In the end we managed to get the four shots we needed. To be clear, an 18 hour day gave us just over one minutes of footage! Thank goodness not all the shots we need take this long 🙂

Tomorrow we get the rest of the shots we need with GS2, but these are with the rest of the cast and are the more simple ‘talking’ shots. I am looking forward to one in particular, and GS2 has promised to go as big as they can with it 🙂

All in all an exciting but exhausting day!

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