Day 14 -The Day of Love

I have always liked how St Valentine was chosen to represent the so called day of love. One, having one day where you are meant to show love always seemed stupid to me, and two, choosing a Saint with so little known about him, apart from his horrific death, to represent love seems oddly fitting. Why you ask? Well what is love but a feeling we know nothing about followed by a grisly death (of said feeling)!

Anyway, on to the day. It was a very long one, mainly due to the amount of master shots we had to take followed by close ups. One actor had to give the same line over seventy times, and my goodness will I hate that line to the day that I die!

It was a fun day, everyone getting fairly silly because it was the 14th. Roses, chocolates and cuddly toys made their way around the cast and crew. None came to me though, which is just bloody typical! But I had the last laugh on that one (continue reading to find out why!)

Having the full cast and crew back was lovely. There is an atmosphere that seems faded when even one of the gang is missing, and although yesterday was a lot of fun the studio did seem oddly ghostly. Today that feeling was gone and everybody perked up for it. I still find it amazing that after two weeks everybody is still getting on. I wonder when the first falling out will happen? Short Round has put his money on it happening this week.

Of course it also meant this was the first time most of the gang were meeting GS2, and let’s just say there was a lot of gushing! Not that I can blame them, gushing does seem to be the appropriate response. We gave everyone the first hour to get it out of their system, then it was work, work, work.

My day started at 5am and I had my first break at 8pm. It was manic. Due to the shots we were doing keeping track of costumes, set dressing and varying fake scars was a must. We do have a continuity guy, but leaving this day down to one man was just unfair. Grinning Kitten and I did our best to help. Of course me entering my mind palace to remember what was where just seemed to infuriate, which for some reason made me do it all the more. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that I might be a little bit of a difficult b@#tard.


After supplying some long distance IT support I was treated to a Valentines dinner by GS2. We wandered to the only restaurant in walking distance, ordered as little food as possible (experience tells us the food is vile) and concentrated mostly on the wine. We shared stories and got into a great debate about Shakespeare, which ended in possibly the most dramatic recreations of Eastenders moments in iambic pentameter ever! If there was ever an idea for a TV Show, this is it, and I make all legal and moral claims to it!

With GS2 heading back his lodgings I wobbled back to the studio to review the footage with New Director and Grinning Kitten. We need a few re-shoots but all in all everything worked out well. Tomorrow will be another early start, so we decided to open a bottle of white and kip on the studio floor once again! Anything to avoid going back to The Cupboard.


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