Day 15 – Music to my Ears…Not!

Today has been fairly relaxed. GS#2 was in the house for the morning for a few re-shoots and left just before noon. For the class and joy you brought you will be missed, oh and thanks for the romantic meal 😛

While sat in the office reconciling the shooting schedule we discovered we were halfway done! I have done a look back post already so won’t dwell on it, but it is a great feeling. We are on schedule, even with a week being removed from it, and proud of what we have achieved!

To celebrate we had a nice easy day, both cast and crew. We had a collective glass of gin (well, we all had a glass, not just one glass we shared) as we all sat in the studio and shared a few war stories and psyched ourselves up for the second half of the project!

With the day winding to a close we got two big bits of news. One, the voice work by GS3 has been recorded and will be delivered to us tomorrow. This is good as depending on GS3’s delivery we may need to do a few re-shoots to make it fit. Time will tell, but getting it this early gives us time, and that is good.

Second, we received six possible theme tunes. Sat in the office with New Director and Grinning Kitten we listened. I didn’t like a single one, much to the exasperation of the others. We opened a bottle of wine and listened again. There is one that maybe I could grow to love, and one I hate but did get stuck in my head. Maybe I should vote for the earworm, or do I dig in my heels and try for some new ones? Decisions decisions.

With no decision made and the three of us living in roughly the same direction, we walked from the studio, stopping at a few bars along the way. It was needed I feel, for the three of us really to stay on side with each other, and a little ranting session was just what we needed!

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