Day 16 to 19 -Where Protective Devices Went on The Attack

The more astute of you may have noticed that I didn’t get to update the blog for the last few days. Those who didn’t notice, why the hell not? It’s like you don’t even care!

Anyway, to be honest I can’t really remember what happened on what day, so this post covers the blurry mess that is Day 16 – Day 19. I think it started well. Yes, it did. We received the voice over files from GS3 and had a listen to them. They are awesome! And even better, the footage we already shot should work out fine!

One of our more regular named stars (RNS#1?) turned up a few days early. This was good as it helped keep everything on schedule without a major rush at the end! And we didn’t even ask them to do it, they just looked at what we were doing and what had happened and decided to help us out! How cool is that? This may have happened on day 16 or 17, I really don’t know anymore. Time right now feels irrelevant, and also made of candy floss. And here I am without my unicorn to fly through it.

Day 17 was the day everything went wrong. Two of our cameras broke and we were without power for around 4 hours. I was not mad for awhile, until I found out why both things had happened.

All of the cameras etc are plugged into very high end surge protectors and backup batteries, so everything can shutdown properly and the files don’t get corrupted as they write to the disk drive. This makes sense. Of course, the fact is it was one of these devices that went wrong and sent a surge through two camera and knocked out one of the big circuit breakers! Maybe one day I will laugh at this, but right now, just no. No.

We were out for about 5 hours in total, and down to one camera (from three). However we couldn’t call it quits for the day so everyone had to stay around in an eerily quiet studio and try not to get bored. It didn’t work and soon the atmosphere turned to that angry kind of bored. I guess there are only so many games of Go Fish, Eye Spy and What is That Smell that you can play.

When we did get the power on we had to make up the time. Even with RNS#1 here early we couldn’t afford not to. And so we did. Of course we then had to roll into the next day as well! All in all we were all there for around 40 hours. The fact that everyone was willing to do this amazes me!

Of course after the 40 hour day we all went to our separate places to just be away from other people! But seven hours later we were back at it for a lazy Sunday in comparison.

Tonight we all are heading out to a Blues night, to both properly celebrate getting past the halfway mark, getting past this week and to drink. It should be fun 🙂


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