The Hangover Blues (well, not me, but for sure everyone else!)

For the halfway re-energise a few of the crew organised a Blues night for the whole team. After that long weekend and just overall dwindling of enthusiasm, it was very much needed.

It started well enough. About 60 of us headed from the studio and walked the darkening streets of Cardiff. We felt like a gang; admittedly more West Side Story than Gangs of New York (none of us had stupidly large hats). Still, the atmosphere was good.

The funniest part was walking in a large circle around the more famous faces so they wouldn’t be noticed. I have never wanted to be a bodyguard, and now I know why. I also hope never to be face recognisable by random people. I am not sure I could be nice to them like they were. Did I mention the idea of personal space doesn’t seem to apply when you are famous?

We entered the venue and had some warm up cocktails. Just like all work outings the first hour or so we spent talking about the job, moaning about certain people and critiquing certain others. It was all in good fun, and all done to peoples faces. Some of the back and forth was very funny, some far too true and some cringe worthy.

With the ‘job’ out of the way and the band playing talking turned to dancing, singing, drinking and stories of other drunken nights out. I am neither a singer or a dancer, but I am a drinker with a few tales to tell. They mostly held their weight but were outclassed by some.

Not being a dancer, of course I danced. Remember Carlton from Fresh Prince? I am much worse than that!


As the night progressed I was also convinced (okay, maybe my arm didn’t need that much twisting) to get up and sing some Blues Brothers with the band. I cannot sing, not a note, but I bring a lot of energy and that seems to be enough. I am sure everyone was laughing with me, right? Right?

As the night wore on and the drinks turned from wine to shots, we all knew the next day was going to be tough. A few left knowing this. I was not one of them.

Not being in front of camera was a blessing, as I didn’t have to go through the extra makeup routine to remove the black under the eyes and the bloodshot eyes of the recently drunk. I did try the drops; they hurt.

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