Day 21 to 23 – I think?

To say I am falling behind on my this blog is an understatement. The work load is increasing as more of the cast turn up (we  have had Guest Star 4 and 5 already in and Guest Star 6 was due today but Doris put an end to that). The more we film in a day means the more footage we need to review, which means a long day is made even longer!

On Day 21 and 22 we had the extras in. On the first day I hid in one of the Stars trailers to avoid having to deal with them. I don’t know why but I had a real fear of dealing with this sudden army of people who turned up with no idea what we are doing. So I hid and left everyone else to deal with them.

Day 22 the rest of the crew got their revenge and put me in charge of the extras. This has been the worst experience of the production so far. I have never had to herd so many dumb animals into various costumes and places in my life. I never want to have to do this again. Although in all fairness in the afternoon I did create my Extra Handling Device (a large pointy stick) which helped no end!

The night of day 22 was spent with me being introduced to Korean BBQ, in Wales. Modern life right? There were five of us in total and a good night was had. The food was delicious and the wine was good too! I highly recommend Korean BBQ.

Day 23 was just long. With the Guest Star delayed we had to move days around. Many cast had to be called in and different costumes rapidly made ready for the day. Due to the lack of preparation for the scenes many shots had to be redone time and time again. We started filming at 10am and did not finish until around 8pm. No breaks. Tiredness is kicking in and silly mistakes are being made. Good for the outtake reel, not good for keeping the production going. But we got everything we needed. It was a messy day, but we got through it with laughter and muffins!

The Guest Star did make in today, but too late to film. Friday and Saturday will be spent filming their scenes, and they leave again on Sunday. The next two days have to go swimmingly, or we could be left with a huge hole in episode five!

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