Day 24 – The Longest Day, Almost

This really was a long day. The difference between this one and the 4o hour day is that this time it was not long due to a technical fault. No, this time was due to weather. Our final Guest Star was delayed in arriving due to the terrible Storm Doris that swept across the UK the day before. They did arrive later that day, but it was too late to start filming with them. However, after a bit of the old Camp charm (followed up by some real charm from New Director), they agreed to an early start.

Normally the crew start to turn up from 5am to set everything up for a 10am filming start. Today we started filming at 5am, which meant a 3am start for the crew, myself included. My role this morning? Gopher.


If only I looked this cool

I spent the morning running cable, lifting heavy objects and making numerous cups of tea and coffee. 3am is way too early to start work, so I did anything I could to keep everybody up and working with a smile on their lips. To that end I pulled out my bumper book of so called Dad jokes and went from page 1 to page 300! One person rolled their eyes so many times I actually worried there might be permanent damage.

The cast turned up a little after 4:30am and I made sure they were all comfortable and happy with what needed to be done today. They were. At 5am we started filming and at noon we took our first break. Back to filming at 2pm and wrapped up for the day at 8pm.

Normally we would review the footage but New Director and Grinning Kitten were both walking zombies at this point, so we decided we would review the footage in the morning! There was much rejoicing.

On the plus side we got all the shots needed that day plus the majority we missed the day before. GS#6 is with us for the majority of tomorrow so we should get everything we need!

I also can’t believe that we are almost done! We have four more days of full filming left, with three days after that to re-shoot anything we need and finish a few pick up shots of the empty sets! I’m not sure how I feel about this…

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