Day 27 – The Beginning of the End

So here we are, day 27. If I am honest I feel like I have been here doing this for far longer then 27 days, and I mean that in both and bad ways. But now is not the time to do a wrap up post, that will come later. So why mention it? Well, we all feel the end is coming and the atmosphere is changing in accordance.

In a word the mood at the start of the day was somber. Everyone was shuffling in with heads hanging low. It was a difficult sight to see, and not one I was happy with. At the morning briefing we laughed at the Oscars gaff and then I made up a story based on what I could see at the time. No, I cannot remember it. All I remember is something about a living fire extinguisher, a dragon and the slayer of bad times. But whatever crap it is I spouted, it did the trick. The mood was lifted, and work could begin.

Of course, that was the second hurdle of the day. One of our named stars forgot they had a lot of promotion work to do in America, so they are not here when we need them. Luckily they are happy to record thier voice lines while on the road (and I will need to come up for a reason why the quality on some of them is so bad!) and we have a stunt double who can pass for the star from behind, with a little creative thinking. I think it will look as bad and obvious a cover up as it is, but in a comedy I am hoping we can get away with it.

The day was rather slow and relaxed. In a way it is what we needed, but with boredom comes more backstage drama. The cast are starting to grate on each other, and the crew are gossiping about the cast. We try our best to stop it, but who has ever put a stop to office gossip? 

In terms of what we need, we are 98% there. Tomorrow we should have all the shots we need. Already we have listed some shots we would like to redo now we know we will have some time, so we will be busy using the studio until lunch time Friday. After that the carpenters come in to dismantle the set and pack it away. We have all decided none of us want to be there when that happens, so I guess we will need to have a wrap party instead!

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