Day 28 – Stats for Nerds

So here we are. 28 days after we started and the final shot has been filmed. It is all in the can as they say. Of course, there are no cans, just many ,many SDDs. So in 28 Days what have we actually done? Did we fight zombies or give up alcohol? No, we did not.

Let’s get some figures going shall we? So for 28 days the crew and I have been working on average 15 hours a day, meaning a total of 420 hours. 420 hours spent recording a show that will run for a total of just under 3 hours. Doesn’t that just seem ridiculous? And of course that ignores all the preproduction work before filming started, as well as the fact I had to write the thing at one point. But lets ignore all that.

For 3 hours of show, we have recorded about 40 hours of 4K footage. That is 2,800 gigabytes of footage, or 2.8 terabytes. Or, to go the other way 2.8 million megabytes. Or 1,944,445 old 1.4mb 3.5 inch floppy disks worth of footage. If we piled all those floppy disk on top of each other it would be 5,833,335 mm high, or 5,833 metres or 19,137 feet. The average height for men is around 5 foot 10, so that equates to 3,752 men. 

What is point of all the above? Not a lot really. But it does go to show that just in terms of raw footage the amount we have done. It makes the long days seem bearable. But why do we feel the need to justify what we have done? Because we all know that even though we have come this far, this could be it. 

Do we think that likely? No. If we did we wouldn’t have made it to the end. All that raw footage now goes away to a team of editors, with oversight from New Director, to make 6 episodes of a show. All going well I should get to see the end result in July, and everyone else should get to see it in September.

For the rest of the week we will be reshooting anything we can now we have the time. The sets are being taken down at Friday lunch. I may have said that already.

Friday is the wrap party. After that I am sure I will start to ponder on what we have done. I know a lot of you are looking for a after the fact post, and I will do one. Let’s call it an after credits post!

And so we Fade to Black.

2 thoughts on “Day 28 – Stats for Nerds

  1. davechrispcomedy says:

    I’ve enjoyed following your posts since I discovered your blog, its really interesting to me. I’m almost finished writing my first sit-com so its cool to read what’s involved should the dream ever come into fruition!

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