After Credits Post One

The filming is ended and for now my involvement with the project is ceased. So what I can possibly be blogging about? Well, consider this a look back and a look forward. I don’t know how many of these I can squeeze out, but this one will focus around one simple question – Would I do it again?

A simple question with a hard answer. There is no doubt the experience was fun, and I am glad I have been through it. But there are two types of people in this world, those who climb Everest once then consider it done, and those who climb it over and over again.

Is it fair to compare what I have been through to climbing Everest. No, not really. But for me right now being in a studio environment is a once in a life time experience. For most around me it was not, this was their job and my starry eyed wonder often made them smile or laugh (or groan!). There are those who climb Everest for a living and those who don’t. At some point something made them make that switch. I wonder what that was. Or I wonder if more often than not the switch is not made because of responsibilities elsewhere? 

There are other factors. The recording it self was a lot of fun; the politics and interference from the people above was not. Every job it seems has office politics, and frankly these were some of the worst I have had to put up with. It of course doesn’t help that I like things a certain way. This is not to say I am obtuse or unmovable, but if something needs to change I want to know why and if it is for the best. Change for change sake, or to tick a box? No thank you.

I also have no doubt that the fun of every production will depend on the people you work with. If any of the crew I worked with phoned and asked me to help them out I would. They were all fun and good people who were willing to answer my annoying questions. If I was to put another production together I would want these people at my side. But I know that is unlikely.

What would I love to do now? I would love to build my own production company up. Surround myself with people in it for the long haul and who want to do the same kind of projects I would like to do. But that is only I if I want to carry on being involved in the production.

You see, first and foremost I like to write. I enjoyed seeing my first effort come together, but deep down I don’t know if I would get the same buzz from seeing the second. But if I was given the choice right now? If someone said to me would you do it again? My answer would be yes. I just hope someone asks me!

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