The Week Off in Cornwall

After the hustle and bustle of filming the TV show I decided to treat myself to a week off in Cornwall. Well, almost a week off. I was invited down by some people I met during filming to talk about a possible project, but this post isn’t about that, this is about the holiday. So what did I get up to during that week?

The first thing to talk about is the accommodation. Staying in a holiday barn complex in the countryside of Cornwall near Falmouth was a lot of fun. Eventually. My Sat Nav had no idea how to get here, giving up on a crossroads abaout a mile away and telling me I was where I needed to be. I was pretty sure I was not meant to be sleeping in the middle of a road, so I kept on looking. A half hour later and I found the place.

There are a number of barns in the complex, from those for the single / couple to the bigger family sized barns. Mine was well sized for a single, incredibly warm (even with the heating turned off) even though the weather outside was cold. When I arrived I was the only guest, which gave the whole place a sadly creepy vibe. Especially when the manager was escorting me around and seemed to take a bit too much pleasure in pointing out the hot tub (because who doesn’t like taking a bath with other people?) There was also a games room, but based on the drab decor and strange devices attached to the walls I am not sure what ‘games’ are meant to be played.

I was treated to a tour of a Cornwall radio studio as well as an off season tour of a local vineyard (with some very nice English wines) and an airbase of some kind. There is something to be said for being given a tour by local people with the backstage access a flash of a media pass can get you. One could get used to this.

As the holiday barns started to fill up I met a few of the other guests. The family who stole my food was quite funny (sick of fast food and apparently none of them could cook), but the group of quad bikers were not quite so. Loud, obnoxious and trying their best to channel Patrick Swayze’s Bodhi from Point Break but coming off more like whoever played the character in the remake. 

More filtered in and out as the week wore on, and a group of five of us ended up down a local pub partaking in a quiz. We were heckled for being foreign but there was always a cheeky humour to it and we gave as good as we got. We technically won the quiz but after the quizmaster imposed a brexit tax we came in second.

I took a day from Cornwall to cross the border into Devon to meet a friend, where they showed me the sights of the local village and the delights of the local pub. A very pleasant day in very pleasant company.

My last full day in Cornwall was spent getting lost in the narrow windy lanes of Cornwall, both by car and by foot. Both vehicle and man ended up filthy, but then that is all part of the fun.

The weather was never particularly great during my visit. Between strong winds, fog and rain most of the days were covered. However the last day hinted at sun and the night was clear, so I found myself a nice dark place to sit down and look at the stars while drinking some of that nice English wine.

Now time to pack up and get ready to drive to Portsmouth tomorrow, where I will spend a few days before getting the boat back to the Rock.

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