A Few Days in Portsmouth

Before the journey is finally over and I return to the Rock and begin the process of calming down and getting back into the swing of that thing called life, I decided to have a few days in Portsmouth. Now, originally this was going to be my break after filming ended, but as that finished a week early I had Cornwall before that. That does not mean I didn’t have fun.

I arrived on Sunday after a long drive through Cornwall, Devon, and Dorset. It was a lovely drive, if a little wet and windy. Arriving in Portsmouth I tried to find my hotel, which was pretty easy as it goes! My car was too tall to park in the attached car park so I had to find somewhere else to park it.

There was of course a wedding reception going on when I arrived, meaning the reception was loud and full of drunk people. My room was small, the bed uncomfortable and the floor a little uneven, but the shower head had colour changing LEDs so it wasn’t all bad. Oh, and they gave me some free rock, so 🙂

I was entertained for the first evening by an old friend and her husband who showed me the pubs and eateries around Southsea. A very pleasant evening and maybe, just maybe, we will see each other again in another six years 🙂

The wedding reception was still ongoing when I arrived back at the hotel. I went to the lounge bar to have one last drink, but was soon invited into the main room to enjoy some reception fun. It was a little strange but after a few drinks and a little dancing it was all fine.

The next morning was a meeting with someone I worked on the TV show with, followed by a walk around Southsea to Gunwharf stopping at every coffee shop I saw along the way. To say there were a lot of coffee shops would be an understatement. Now I like my coffee, but even I was approaching coffee’d out after the tenth cup. Also, some of them were just awful!

In the evening I watched Kong (not sure if I liked it or not!) then had a few drinks and a nice nighttime walk along the beach. Just to make it even more touristy I even removed shoes and socks, rolled up my trouser legs and walked in the water for a little bit. Not too long mind you as the beaches around Portsmouth are very rocky, and the water was a little on the chilly side.

The next day was spent playing mini golf and then adventure golf, always a plus in my book, followed by another stroll along the waterfront where I hopped on a hovercraft over to the Isle of Wight. Not because I wanted to go to the Isle of Wight, but because it was on a hovercraft! I spent the afternoon wandering around the Isle before heading back to Portsmouth!

Now I need to pack up the van one last time, find somewhere to eat then have my last sleep before heading back to the Rock on the same boat that started it all. It may have only been six weeks, but it has been one hell of a six weeks! Here’s hoping I get to do it again soon.

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