It’s been some time

Hello everybody. It feels like a lifetime ago that me and a small army of professionals got together and filmed a TV show. In reality it has been about 3 months, but already the memories of that event are starting to fade. So why, after all this time, am I posting now? Because Decision Day is almost upon us and I am a ball of pent up nervous energy.

What is Decision Day? Well, it is the day of the Decision. People I have never met have sat down and watched the finished show. I have not seen it, I do not know how it turned out. The director tells me it is good. But these suited strangers get to decide if the show will air on TV.

The fate of the show, and in someways me, is sealed tomorrow. Well, it is probably decided already, I just don’t know the outcome. And that is the worst of it. A decision is made with me at arms length, meaning I cannot scream, cry and beg my way to be a yes if the answer is no. This goes against my very being. 

I will let you all know what the decision is. Keep fingers crossed for a yes will you?

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