I just watched the first episode of my show!

I mean, the title says it all really. What more could you possibly want from me? I can’t reveal much, but I can reveal somethings.

What I watched today was the broadcast ready episode, complete with title sequence, music and everything else one would expect from a TV show. It was the first time I saw my name in text, first as Created By, Then Written By and, at the end where no one will see, top of the list of Producers. This was purely an accident of my surname, not some kind of power move by me, honest!

Did I like it? How disheartening would it be for me to say no? Could you imagine after all the hard work of writing it, the fun but hectic time of filming it and the countless hours the editors put into making it look good, that I just plain didn’t like it? Luckily this is not a thing I have had to deal with, yet!

I am still not a fan of the opening title sequence. The music is a little cheesy for my tastes and the frozen screen captures of the stars and hijinx just stinks of 80’s sitcom. It doesn’t fit the show. Too late I fear did the suits realise this, but we have no time or budget to do it again, so we are stuck with it. If you are the kind of person that judges a TV show by its title sequence, well just don’t be that person, okay?

The first scene, one I laboured over as both writer and annoyed stars and director over while filming, is great. Not perfect, but in a minute I think I get across what this show is going to be about and like with only two people on screen. It got laughs as we watched it, I laughed. I am happy. If you watch this minute and think the show is not for you it probably isn’t, but watch till the end anyway as I need the ratings!

The first episode, as many are, is clunky. We have to introduce the six main cast members + the two main supports + the theme of the show. A lot is thrown out, both in terms of information and jokes. It might be a little cluttered, but I think it works. It will be interesting to see what people think of it.

All in all episode one is a good reflection of what I imagined whilst writing it. Okay so the special effects budget might mean not enough unicorns or flaming swords, but the characters, the chemistry and the jokes all seemed to work well.

This is of course my completely unbiased opinion on the matter. If I thought it was a turd I would clearly say that, you all trust me, right?

I can’t confirm the title or air date yet (though I fear I may have said the title multiple times before? Don’t know can’t tell!) but I can confirm both will be released very soon!

Here’s hoping episodes 2-6 work out just as well (or better!)

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