Questions and Answers re Monktoucher

My posting of the unfinished first scene of Monktoucher Academy seemed to open up a lot of questions. I thought I would try and answer a few of the most asked.

So the show is called Monktoucher Academy then?
That’s some good detective work there Jimmy. Yes it is.

Is Pigspots meant to be a reference?
Well Jimmy, it may be a reference to a fairly well known wizarding school from a series of books about a boy who is constantly saved and outshone by his two best friends but steals all the glory anyway because he has a scar or something. But of course any similarity to anything created beforehand is purely coincidental and Pigspots stands as it own legally distinct thing.

Is it meant to be funny. That scene wasn’t funny.
Well Jimmy it is a comedy, so yes. I shared that scene for two reasons.

The main reason is because of all the scenes in the six scripts, that was the one that got reworked the most. When you see the final version you will know it is that scene because it is the first one you see, and Monktoucher is being interviewed. Other than that the jokes, timing etc. are drastically changed.

The second reason I chose that scene is because we are trying to get so much about the world the show is based in over in a little under a minute. There is magic but it is not hidden from the normals. The world outside is modern like ours, and although the outside of the academy looks modern the inside has a ridiculous fantasy flare, which makes no sense when you think about it. This scene rolls before the title sequence and is meant to set the scene and style of the show. I think this draft almost manages to capture the scene, it fails on style points.

I am hopeful I can share some of the revisions of this scene as it went through the polishing stages, but I need permission for that!

Is the show about kids?
No Jimmy. Pigspots is a secondary / further education facility. Monktoucher Academy is the same but due to its all ability all inclusive approach accepts much older students into the mix. Ages in the show range from around 17 to 36 for the students. In true traditional style the actors ages range from about 25 to 31, but I’m sure you won’t notice.

Is it a show for kids?
It depends on your definition of ‘kid’ I guess Jimmy. The humour is very British and a little coarse at times. Not openly so, we try and walk that fine line where younger people might find something funny for the facial expression or sound but where the adults will get the actual joke. Still, I probably wouldn’t let anyone under the age of 10 watch without supervision, just in case.

Is the show about the students or the teachers?
A little of both Jimmy. It is about the Academy and what it is trying to do and how it manages to do it. Most time is spent with the students and how they cope and bond, but how the teachers attempt to teach to magic to students with little to no magical ability is also part of the fun. The story of why Monktoucher himself decided to start such an Academy also runs through the entire series (bad wigs ahoy!), save episode three which is a little bit special!

We also poke a lot of fun at TV shows in general, fantasy culture and the huge influence of Tolkien on it as well as gaming culture to boot.

It is a show that could be described as quite nerdy, but accessible.

Anyone I know in it?
I don’t know your circle Jimmy, so how can I say? If you mean famous then yes. Can I tell you who? No, as it hasn’t been announced yet! However the majority of the cast are new talent but they are good. From the one episode I have seen they get the job done well.

When does it air?
Early 2018 Jimmy. Again until a formal announcement is made I need to be vague.

Thanks for all the questions. I will share more about Monktoucher Academy, and my other projects, as and when I can. If you have any more questions please reach out to me on twitter @piratecamp.

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