Monktoucher Update

I have now seen the entire series! Am I happy, sad, confused, annoyed? Let’s go through it shall we?

First, the bad news. Due to time and travel constraints I was not able to travel over to watch the series with the rest of the cast and crew. It was a bummer but nothing could be done to help it. As it was I was not the only virtual presence in the room, and my understanding is we had better visual and audio quality than those there in the flesh!

Anyway, having already seen the first episode I was happy to watch it again. I am happy to report it still holds up and I really am pleased with it. However it comes with some negatives; namely the episode that follows.

The second episode is a mess. There is no other way to describe it. The jokes fall flat, the pacing is awful and I hated it. Where the others were happy to let it pass, I was not. To me this would kill people watching it.

I know we cannot make the second episode as good as the first, it is a problem I knew we had ever since I wrote it. But this is so bad I don’t think people will tune into episode 3. After a little argument we were given time and a little budget to try a re-edit. We can’t film anything new, but I know we can make something better. I have never tried to work on editing a video from a remote location, but heck I’ll try anything once!

From number two to episode three. For me this is my favourite of the bunch. Not because it is necessarily the best (I still think one and six share that honour), but because I feel we have pulled something off that no one believed we could. Hint, for a whole episode there are six lines of dialogue, and they are mostly the same! Anyway it worked and worked well. Oh, and the guest star is a hoot on this one.

Episode four is a treat. To me this represents what a ‘normal’ episode of the show would be. Great character setups, ridiculous situations and funny solutions. Mix in a heavy mix of repeated jokes and call backs and you have a fun episode.

Episode five is a little less funny, but has more heart. The direction of this episode changed in pre-production due to something that happened to one of the cast who was in the pilot but pulled out from the show. I was a little worried it might be too ‘in jokey’ but the rest of the audience liked it a lot too.

Episode six is a hoot. This is where we really set our aim at a certain series of books featuring a certain male wizard of a certain age. Guest stars all make a comeback in this episode with a great turn from one everyone will recognise. It leaves a real feel good feeling and (I hope) will want people wanting a series two!

I know this is all cryptic, but until the official announcement goes out I can only say so much! We are so close now 🙂

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