The Players

As both an aide-memoire for me, and possibly helpful for the readers – here is a list of the players who have appeared in the blog! The list will grow as others make into these hallowed pages 🙂


Grinning Kitten

The top producer and only one on the producing staff with any real idea of what they are doing. A real legend and the only reason we are still going.

Tall Jackson

The ‘camera guy’. This sells him a little short. The man is a genius and orders his camera underlings around with a deft hand. Pretty sure I could ask him to capture our scenes in space and it wouldn’t phase him!

Short Round

The man who climbs up and down the rigging sorting out the lights. Reminds me of Jackie Chan, and is often told off by our Health and Safety guy for not using safety ropes while climbing up and down.

Laugh in a Hat

That is me. Writer of the show who squeezed his way in as a producer. Fighting hard to keep the project alive.

Mrs Bucket

The set designer. Genius woman with a nasty streak in her that only makes me laugh. Prankster, not sure if she likes me or not! Time will tell.